Hey! I'm Making a Game About St. Augustine of Hippo!

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tl;dr: I’m making a game about St. Augustine of Hippo, releasing on itch.io in late September!

Today’s the feast day of Saint Augustine of Hippo, one of the most influential Christian writers to ever live. After converting to Christianity, Augustine used his ridiculous intellect and rhetorical skill as a philosopher and defender of the church, up until today in 430 when he died. Augustine wrote a whole lot of stuff, and most of it has aged so well that it’s still being used today.

Three or so months ago, I got fixated on him and started writing a story about his bones and two rival orders of priests in 17th century Italy. It’s based on true events, and hopefully will be a fun little experience.

As of now, I’m hoping to have it finished and released for free on itch.io before the end of September. I’ll be posting periodic updates on Twitter, so follow me there if you’re into that.

Happy All Saint's Day!

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