Young Me Writes, Part I

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I found this short star wars fanfiction in a notebook that fifth grade me owned. I’ve done only minimal editing from its original form, which you can view here, and I added some annotations with Genius that you can read by clicking on the highlighted portions of text. Enjoy.

Chapter 1

Seperatist Spy Station, 400 hours

A shiny new battle droid stared at the screen, wondering if he should report what he was seeing to 354, the commando droid behind him. If he did, he ran a risk of alerting General Grevious, and General Grevious was known for his temper flares. With a shudder the battle droid remembered 446, who was smashed on the grounds that he couldn’t hit a republic star cruiser with the ion cannon. Yes, he thought to himself. Better let this one slide…

Small Hut, Tatooine, 405 hours

A droid dealer by the name of Piper was standing with his hands on his hips, smiling at his creation. The droids he made were fashioned from melted down battle droid parts that he scavenged off of the outskirts of the village, where clones blasted droids to bits to prevent the capturing of the village. Piper is 12, in case you’re wondering, and will be thirteen in about a month. His parents were blasted at an early age by the seperatists, because the droids fear rouge droid makers. But it seemed that his parents had an apprentice, because there were rumors of a rouge droid army of massive proportions. But they were just rumors, and Piper needed the truth to be convinced. Anyway, the droid lying on the construction table was a masterpiece. It was a humanoid robot, with shiny silver overlapping plates on his midsection and arms. His head resembled that of a protocol droid, probably because it was from a kidnapped seperatist protocol droid. This droids name would be X4-PI7, or Shiny for short. Piper flipped the switch, filled with excitement. He turned on the droid. It slowly lifted up its head, looked around, and started to speak.

“Don’t look now, but there’s about five commando droids knocking at your door.” Piper turned around and looked. Sure enough, 5 seperatist commando droids were banging on the door…

Chapter 2

THE DRAGONFLY- Rouge Droid Mothership, 356 hours

Artemis smiled. And why shouldn’t she smile? Her plan to overthrow the seperatists was coming along perfectly. You wouldn’t believe how many totally intact droids the seperatists rejected every day, and how they were lying unguarded in the junkyard on Delta 7. It was easy to reprogram them for service in the rouge droid army. Their armor was painted camouflage, and the rouge droid insignia, a dragonfly, was stamped on their heads. The army consisted of these droids and other life forms that wished to join. Artemis was only 13, but she had assembled one of the largest galactic armies in history. She stood smiling in side the massive Dragonfly. She had modified the ship herself, and it was about the size of a small planet. A droid walked up to her.

“We are about to enter the atmosphere of Tatooine, ma’am”, it spoke in its high voice. Artemis observed the droid.

“497, you don’t sound too good. Go down to level two and get your vocal chip repaired.”

“Yes ma’am. Thank you, ma’am,” it said as it walked away. Artemis settled in her seat to watch the invasion begin.

Piper’s Hut, 407 hours

Sure enough, there were five commando droids trying to smash the door. Piper thought fast. He grabbed his blaster pistol from a drawer and shot off a droid’s head as it looked through the window. Big mistake. The droids buzzed with anger and started taking potshots at Piper through the window. Piper dodged, jumped, and rolled to avoid the scorching beams. Meanwhile, Shiny was fiddling with the plasma generator on Piper’s desk. He charged up some water plasma and shot it at the nearest commando droid. The ball of electrified gas sizzled through the air and fizzed through an unfortunate droid’s head. Suddenly everything went dark. The command droids also noticed, because they looked up. There was a flash of orange, and the remaining droids were shopped in half. The door was kicked open. In the door stood a beautiful girl, with two orange lightsabers in her hands. She proceeded to ransack the house until she found what she was looking for. A battle droid head. She looked straight into its eyes and said “Give my regards to General Grevious” and stuck her lightsaber straight through. Piper looked on in total dismay. Then, outraged, he said

“Hey Jedi! You are completely crazy!” The girl just seemed to notice Piper was there. Quick as a flash, she moved over to him in an orange blur. Piper noticed nervously that her lightsabers were at his neck.

“You a seppy?” She asked. Piper took a guess that ‘seppy’ was slang for seperatist.




“What are you then?” She said, obviously confused.

“I’m a peaceful droid maker who just wants to earn some credits without getting his head lopped off by some crazy Jedi!” Piper almost yelled. The Jedi seemed slightly taken aback. Then she laughed.

“Oh, well Arty wants to see you then…”

Seperatist Spy Station, 480 hours

The battle droid stared. A girl’s face had appeared on the screen. “Give my regards to General Grevious” she said, and then the screen went dark. He couldn’t help it.

“354, get over here!” The commando droid sprinted to the screen, whirred and clicked as he processed the darkness. Then he summoned General Grevious.

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